Another Telegram Scammer and Ripper Channel

Today, I came accross this guy (username - @Gatecracker1) on telegram and he is a cheater. I paid him ₹400 for a course and he just gave me a link which is not working and simply blocked me. He also has a channel (screenshots attached). Please be aware of him.


bro, why are you wasting money when there are so much resources avaailable online. you can see very helpful stuffs in this page itself.


I’m not really sorry for your loss bro(telegram is a big hotspot for scammers). But, I can give you hot and sassy method to purchase courses from telegram and beware of scammers.

Ask him live proof for the course either by TeamViewer or tell him to disable google drive download. Check for all files and folders. Don’t be lazy. If he denies to do this method don’t buy the course. Remember if he is legit he cannot deny because your money is all he wants by selling the course. If he says no or makes some other pussy ideas. Just get rid of him. He is an absolute scammer so do not deal with him.


Bro, in such cases before your payment, make the scammer/ripper agree with the payment process to be done through an escrow service. Even if you are not interested in escrow, just ask him. If he is really a scammer/ripper, and not legit, he will simply try to brush it off and you simply cut him off!! :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:


He is a ripper just check his last post sharing applied ai machine learning materials to promised subscribers. He shared free content published long back

His channel has nothing in specific, all his uploads are either stolen from other telegram channels or stolen from websites.

Why to stay in a rippers channel??
A ripper is always a ripper. Let’s mass report his channel and ban it from telegram. Only way to get rid of rippers.

If you want Indian instructor courses join this channel This is only telegram channel that doesn’t ask for money to get courses. Just join you will not be disappointed.


I feel sad for you brother.
Tell us which course you paid for, maybe I’ll have it and share it with you.

this is nothing new mate you should always think carefully before giving your money to some anonymous person you can find courses there are so many websites who offer paid courses for free

telegram is a hotspot for this scammers even now in some groups which i have joined there are tons of msgs to sell courrse,netflix ,etc and other stupid things in steep prices even thier are multiple threads in onehack right now where ,people asking for help to get thier money back from a telegram scammer anyway whts done is done next time be very careful about handing over your money to someone else

I have the course!


if you wish gate courses dont follow blindly, either purchase share account of unacademy with your friends or use some telegram channel they have hardly everything as most of subject required for gate…

i suppose you wanted GATE CSE courses specially ravindra-babu ravula ,

where to get free courses.
use PAGALGUY website widly there you will get lots of free courses link from people…

use unacademy free
use telegram channel of educator of unacademy.

use GATEFLIX(For basic)
still you dont want all of these msg me personally i will give you contact no. of a guy who sells gate courses.

NOTE: IF any guy asks you for payment simply ignor him bcz he will not gonna and gate courses available free of cost in telegram just search properly

About me: If you ever find MTLIVE (Mechanical Gate Channel ask about babyyoda (yea its me))

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Always use escrow and buy atuff from authentic website not from some random guy on telegram . 95% sellers are scammer on telegram