Another Method To Bypass Download Quota


Will the download speed get affected ?
Ofcourse, but not by much what used to take 30 mins to download will now get downloaded in 35-40 mins.

Do I need VPN ?


For this method you’ll need just a browser --> Brave browser
Download Link :

When you reach your quota simply press { Alt + Shift + N } OR Click on Burger menu (three horizontal lines ) on the top right corner of the browser and select Private windows with Tor.

Paste the mega link and download.

Have a nice day and hope you use this to your advantage!


Great share mate :grin:

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Thanks for sharing this @E10n :+1:

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Also you can earn BAT coins award from brave browser

instead of that if someone use NORD VPN its better .infact your download speed never gonna reduce. i used frequently. :heart_eyes:

if moderators allows me i will post some nord vpn accounts

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Thanks for sharing.