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Android Game Hacking Methods

Mobile Memory Editing
APK Modding
Emulator Hacking

Mobile Memory Editing
Use apps like Cheat Engine APK, Game Killer, Game Guardian & SB Game Hacker to edit the game memory. This can be performed on your mobile device without an emulator.

This method is not used for advanced hacks, it’s mainly used for basic memory editing like changing health, ammo & gold.

Binomi has created many tutorials on the topic of mobile game memory editing

APK Modding
If the APK doesn’t have basic security, you can modify the APK files to do whatever you want

Emulator Hacking
You can use an emulator like BlueStacks or Nox to run an android emulator, if you run your games on the emulator you can dive into the emulator memory to hack the game

Our Best Android Hacking Content

Tutorial - Android Modding Tutorial Part 1

Prerequisites: Android Studio Download Android Studio and SDK tools Apktool…

Source Code - New Memory Class (Android Modding)

Please read my other tutorial to understand this whole thing. This is just updated…

Tutorial - Android Mod Menu Tutorial (Very?) Hard (Works on il2cpp and native games too)

Prerequisites: Tutorial - Android Modding Tutorial Part 1 (Basics) Source Code -…

Other Android Hacking Tools


Game Name = Any

Anticheat = Any

Coding Language = C++ mostly

Hey guys. I’m bored so I decided to link up all the important GH Tutorials in one thread so people will have a place to look up for.

How to get started on Game Hacking
START HERE Beginners Guide to Learning Game Hacking - by Rake, Solaire, Crazywink

Game Hacking Basics/Cheat Engine/Pointers/Other stuff
Cheat Engine Tutorial - by Rake
How to hack any game - by Fleep
Cheat Engine Tutorials - by Fleep
How to hack any game - by Solaire
Video Tutorial - How to Hack Any Game Tutorial C++ External Trainer “Part 2” - by Rake
Using pointers and offsets - by wtlyons
Get module base address - by Rake
How to find LocalPlayerBase Pointer - by Oneshot
How to use multi level pointers from CE in C++ - by KeyGen2009-1
Cheat The Game’s youtube channel
Finding operations and changing them - by TooManyColor (good info in the posts)
Hacking the game Call of Duty, World at War - by sanusbaum (important concepts here)
How to find an Entity List - by HexMurder
HexMurder’s Read/Write to memory tutorial
Cheat The Game’s video about hard to find values
What “Finding Pointers” is all about. - by TrisT
Cheat Engine Pointer Scan with Pointermaps - by Rake
Multi-Level Pointers: What they are and How to use them - by L3n
Guide - Getting Started How to find the Entity List
Tutorial - Reverse Engineer C++ Games Game Hacking Tutorial
Internal vs External Game Hacks - by L3n

DLL Hacks
How To Hack Any Game - First Internal Hack DLL Tutorial - by Rake
How To Inject a DLL Tutorial feat. the GH Injector - by Rake
Assault Cube DLL Skelekton - by Rake
How to hack using Dll - by lukaluka
DLL Hack tutorial - by DanielTutorials
Get module base internally (isn’t a tutorial but there is good info here)
How to Hack Any Game Tutorial C++ Trainer #3 - First Internal

Pattern scanning
Pattern Scanning PT 1 - By Fleep
Pattern Scanning PT 2 - By Fleep
Pattern Scanning PT 3 - By Fleep
External Pattern Scanning - by Rake (BEST VIDEO)

Function hooking
How to hook / detour functions - by Solaire
Mid function hooking / codecaving - by Fleep
Thiscall (member function) hooking - by c5
Hooking thiscall clean - by GAFO666
VTables and Hooking Them - by Solaire
VMT hooking - by c5

Calling game functions
Finding and calling game functions - by Traxin
Calling Functions Externally - by Traxin
How to call a game function - by Rake
Calling a function by address - by c5

DirectX and OpenGL
How to get started with DirectX 9 - Make your menu hacks! - by iPower
How to get started with OpenGL Hacks - by Rake

ESP Hack
ESP Overview - by Rake (Lots of good info here)
ESP Source + Exercises by Teuvin

Aimbot Hack
How to make an aimbot - by Fleep
Assault Cube External Aimbot Source - by Rake

CS:GO Specific
How to Get Started with CS:GO Hacking - Guided Hacking
How to use HazeDumper offsets correctly - Guided Hacking
How to Get Started with CS:GO Hacking - Guided Hacking
Cody’s C++ CSGO Triggerbot Tutorial External Parts 1-2-3 - Guided Hacking
Cody’s C++ CSGO Bunnyhop Tutorial Part1 External - Guided Hacking
Cody’s C++ CSGO Bunnyhop Tutorial Part2 Internal - Guided Hacking
Cody’s C++ External CSGO Anti Flash Tutorial - Guided Hacking
CSGO How to Find the ViewMatrix Offset - dwViewMatrix
Reverse Engineering - How To Find the CSGO Entity List
CSGO Aimbot Tutorial + CalcAngle Explained in Detail

Reverse engineering related videos/threads
Reverse engineering using IDA Pro - by Rake
Reverse Engineering example in GTA: SA - by iPower
Reversing Engineering Fly Hack NoClip Cheat Engine IDA pro C++ - Guided Hacking
ReClass tutorial - by Rake
Reverse engineering videos thread - by Rake
IDA Pro Tips & Tricks thread - by Rake
OllyDbg Variable Editing - by Retsoen
How to make a key generator Keygen - by PwndDepot
Beginners Guide To Reverse Engineering Tutorial

Advanced Topics
C++ Shellcode Injection Tutorial - by Broihon
Manual Mapping DLL Injection Tutorial - by Broihon

Anti cheats bypass/info
How to Bypass Anticheat Tutorial for Noobs - by Rake
How To Bypass VAC Valve Anti Cheat Info - By Rake and mambda
Junk Code Generator and Polymorphic Code Engine Guide - by Rake, Liduen, mambda, c5
Solved - How to conduct recon on AntiCheat protected system - Guided Hacking (info + interesting links)
Battleye Anticheat Bypass Overview - Guided Hacking
Kernel Mode Drivers Info for Anticheat Bypass - Guided Hacking
How to bypass XignCode Anticheat? - Guided Hacking
Hackshield Anticheat Bypass Information - Guided Hacking
Bypassing anti debug example in CS2D - by iPower

Visual Studio quick tips
How to debug your hack using Visual Studio - by Rake
Visual Studio: How to run as administrator + Manifest file - by Rake

Useful links collection - by Liduen (VERY GOOD)
Binomi’s Android Hacking Tutorials
SWF Decompiling - by Teuvin (important if you want to hack Flash games)
How to hack Flash games - by Xploit
Packet Editing Online Games - by Xploit
How to make an Internal TriggerBot for AC - by iPower
How to Find Entity List Pointer in AC - by iPower
Guide - Hacking Dictionary
Tutorial - Dumping an Unreal Engine Game - by mambda

Unity Game Hacking Guide

Game Name = Any

Anticheat = Any

Coding Language = C++ mostly

TL : DR Version of Guide

Also check out this article: Learn How To Hack Android Games Without Root

Full Guide: