Android Alternatives Available In Market 🔰

The biggest alternative to Android is iOS from Apple. But iOS is no big winner when it comes to privacy either. Here are a few Android OS alternatives that can really boost your mobile privacy:

LineageOS – A free and open-source operating system for phones and tablets based on Android.

Ubuntu Touch – A mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system.

Plasma Mobile – An open source, Linux-based operating system with active development.

Sailfish OS – Another open source, Linux-based mobile OS.

Replicant – A fully free Android distribution with an emphasis on freedom, privacy, and security.

/e/ – This is another open source project with a focus on privacy and security.

Purism is addressing the issue of mobile phone privacy by bringing out their own phone, called the Librem .

Happy learning!


This is so cool! So far SailFish seems the most stable.

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