Amazing Websites | Resources That Fulfill Most Of Your Needs Online ❇

Resources that fulfill most of your needs online :man_shrugging:

:heavy_minus_sign: Ifixit :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Go to iFixit, and you will be able to find repair guides for anything you want. Every single device. Garden trucks, PC, desktops, game consoles. Select categories, and select your model. You can find every single one of them here. And then choose the issue you’re facing. All the issues are here. And the guides you’re going to see are more detailed than ever. You’re going to see the difficulty, how much time you need, and what kind of tools you need step by step, even for dummies.

:heavy_minus_sign: Zty :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: If you go to ztype, you’re going to find a fun game to improve typing speed and accuracy by trying to stay alive and typing whole words for as long as you can. The levels go harder and harder, so you need to keep improving.

:heavy_minus_sign: Playretrogames :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Play retro games you’re going to be able to play arcade games and retro games from any platform ever existed. You’ll find more than 80 different retro games to choose from. You’re going to find so many gems in here.

:heavy_minus_sign: Imageamigo :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Imageamigo you’re going to find some amazing image tools like background remover, repairing and restoring your old photos 3D like this colorizing black and white photos, and turning your face to wait for it effect detector for fake photos. Incredible, right? Enjoy.

:heavy_minus_sign: Simplified :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Simplified paradise for social media marketers and creators. You can do graphic design, AI writing, video creation, and social media planning. You can create images with AI.

:heavy_minus_sign: Smallpdf :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Smallpdf Everything related to PDF. One single platform.Amazing tools for anything you need.

:heavy_minus_sign: Daftpage :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Daftpage is probably the easiest website builder without coding it’s exactly the same as creating an auction document. You’re going to love it.

:heavy_minus_sign: Phantombuster :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: A new way of lead generation. Extract a list of leads and read data and emails. Send outreach campaigns and create automation about anything you want.

:heavy_minus_sign: 12ft :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Read paid articles for free. Allow online paywalls to be bypassed.

:heavy_minus_sign: Wavacity :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: A full-blown auto editor that works both on the web and on smartphones. To edit audio, remove noise, cut and trim, join Cliffs, or whatever you want. You’re going to love it. Enjoy.


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