[AMA] Ask me anything related to affiliate marketing

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to be here in this awesome community.

I am Kulwant Nagi, a full-time affiliate marketer, blogger, international speaker, and world traveler.

I am doing blogging and affiliate marketing since 2011 so I have gained a lot of knowledge in this niche. I have spoken at many affiliate marketing conferences in India, attended more than 40 conferences so far and had the opportunity to share the stage with Neil Patel in Vietnam.

I am here to help you to kickstart your affiliate marketing journey.

Feel free to ask your questions.


Welcome aboard mate :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking forward, let’s see how have a question.



how would you tell a beginer to go about building an efficient website?


Here are the steps

  1. Identify your niche… Without identifying the niche, it would be like shooting in the big ocean.
  2. Find the biggest problems in that niche.
  3. Do the keyword research with the help of SEMRush or ahrefs.
  4. Write review articles to explain the products/services.
  5. Learn how to drive the traffic.
  6. Count the money. :money_with_wings:

i think i ca help you with that, i made 4 websites and it’s working for Adsense and affiliate marketing


i need ur help bro

best ways to generate organic traffic

Are you looking for someone to help, i can helo with managing your website content writing it ect. it will be a pleasure to work with you.

Welcome aboard fella really appreciate your commitment here, and thank you admin for giving him the privilege to showcase his expertise here.

Im a Freelancer want to get into the game of affiliate marketing, i need some advice on how to get started and tips to be successful. Secondly for a good take off how much do i need to invest to get started. Im very hard working, dedicated and patience to any task i approach.


Hi Kulwant, thanks for this great opportunity to get connected with you. I have been working on ClickBank offers for a while now. I am still stuck with where I began. I would like to know your opinions on ClickBank. Is it really worth my time to work on their offers? Thank you in advance.


What kind of freelancing do you do? Accordingly I can recommend the steps.


ClickBank sucks. Many of the programs at ClickBank are scams. I have never promoted CB products. I would recommend to try other marketplaces and try to find some generic keywords.

You can watch this video created by me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-nlvskahbQ


Im talking about promoting affiliate products e.g Amazon associate.

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thank you for your time and help my question is how much money do we need to start affiliate marketing successfully? I mean the budget to everything from tools to advertising etc. Thank you again

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I would say $1000 is a decent budget to start with.

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what about jvzoo

are there affiliate on gearbest, aliexpress banggood?

I have few questions:
Which is the best seo friendly wordpress theme for amazon affiliate site?
Best way to build backlinks for amazon affiliate site?
Currently which niche has better future scope in affiliate marketing?

Yes, they all have.