AltStore | An Open-Source iOS App Store. No Jailbreak Required

When it comes to installing apps on iOS devices you have two choices – either stay inside Apple’s walled garden and install apps from the App Store or you jailbreak.

Most people are more than happy with the App Store. Jailbreaking on the other hand, while attractive, is definitely not for everybody.

Well what if want to install third party apps on your iOS devices without jailbreaking and without depending on the App Store?

AltStore might just be what you’re looking for…

Developed by Riley Testut, AltStore is an open-source project ( see source code here ) that allows you to install a third party app by “tricking” iOS into thinking that the app you’re installing is developed by you, using an Apple-approved developer feature.

On the downside, to install an app from AltStore a desktop companion app is required – AltServer. Available for macOS and Windows.

Right now there’s only one app available in AltStore ( Delta NES Emulator ). However AltStore is not officially released. AltStore will have its official launch on September 28.

For more info on AltStore, read Riley Testut’s blog.