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#DA70D6 Released at 14.12.2018

??? 5 Development

  • AGodZilla was just a phoenix, the goliath is coming…



  • the license file is on our Discord server

Current Exploits

With the new development of AGodZilla we have found exploits. These exploits work on every server.
These exploits currently work:

Exploit Description Status
ChannelCommander Channel Commander in every channel #32CD32
Recording this is not really an exploit, but the sound “user in your channel started recording” is only played when a user clicks on the bot #AD3B22
Client Description Description on every server #32CD32
Talkpower You can use the audio system to play music from the bot. #32CD32
TalkpowerRequest The bot requests talkpower, even if no talkpower is needed in the channel. #32CD32
Avatar Avatar on every server #32CD32
Client Undefined The client Undefined exploit connects the bot to the server and can not be controlled, the bot will remain on the server forever unless an admin kicks it. The connection information can not be retrieved. The client can not be banned normally, the ban is set, but the bot is not thrown by the server, after a kick, the bot can not connect anymore when he is banned. if client undefined is connected, a message is displayed in the log “please do not hack me” AGodZilla #32CD32
Self Kick With self kick the client is kicked by the server with the message protocol violation #32CD32

#AD3B22 Fixed
#32CD32 Not Fixed

Also, no rights are needed for these exploits.
The connection data can not be retrieved either.


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AGodZilla AGodZilla AGodZilla AGodZilla AGodZilla AGodZilla AGodZilla


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