A Few Simple Ways To Download JW Player Videos - Know-How!

Developed in 2005 and headquartered in New York, JW player is a video player software which is named after the founder and initial developer Jeroen Wijering. It was coded JavaScript at the backend in such a way that it significantly reduces the size of the video and it’s load time while uploaded on the internet. And therefore, YouTube videos were streamed by JW Player before it was acquired by Google. Because of the integrated support of HTML5 and flash videos, videos hosted by JW players can be watched on major platforms including smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, videos can’t be downloaded if they are being hosted by the JW Player.

JW Player was supporting content creators in monetization part as their uploaded videos could not be downloaded by users. And, it was becoming famous for embedding videos into web pages. But here we are, providing multiple ways to download JW player videos without any cost. Just stick with any of your favorite methods you will be downloading JW player videos right away.

Ways to Download JW Player Videos

#1 Download JW Player Videos Using Page View Info

Behind all the images and videos you enjoy, it is the code that turns into a satisfying experience using the call to action. Search engines read this code to place such indexed content on specific web pages. You can utilize this page view info to download JW player videos 2018. Here is the stepwise procedure to download it.

  • For Chrome

Step 1: Open your preferred video which is hosted by JW player and play it for a while. (playing for 5-7 seconds will do the job.

Step 2: Right-click on the following page and select “ Inspect “. You can directly open it after landing on a web page by simply pressing Ctrl + Shift +I.

Step 3: Then the element page will be opened. You will certainly face similar to the following capture.

Step 4: Now move your cursor on the video which will cover that space with blue. And you will able to see the source link to download it. For a clear view, refer to the following image.

Step 5: Copy that URL and paste it in a new tab. Or, you can Click on Save as and you will be asked to select a path to save it to a specific location.


  • For Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open the website which has JW player hosted videos and play it for a while.

Step 2: Right-click on that web page and choose “ View page info

Step 3: Now jump to the media section from the upper mega menu.

Step 4: Scroll down a bit to find a video file from the list.


Step 5: Select save as and choose a location where you want to place downloaded video.


#2 Download JW Player Videos using Firefox Add-On

Downloading videos attached on web pages with the help of extensions and add-ons is an old method that actually works. Well, this is true in the case of downloading JW player videos. With just an add-on, you can download JW player videos firefox effortlessly. Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: All you need to have is the firefox browser. If you don’t have, install it from here.

Step 2: Now navigate to Firefox > Add-ons. You can simply jump to this navigation using Ctrl+Shift+A. And, search for Flash Video Downloader.

Step 3: Click on Add to Firefox and within a few seconds, it will be added to your browser. You will see a new icon of an add-on is added within the extension bar.

Step 4: Now open the URL you want to download a video from. Play it for a few seconds.

Step 5: Click on the add-on icon which will show you the generated download button. Click on that download button and provide a path. It will start downloading that video.

#3 Download JW Player Videos using GetFLV

If you don’t want to fall into a mess that we just discussed above, this might be the best option you will be looking for. This method makes use of GetFLV to download JW player videos. In short, we can call it jw video downloader. Here’s how we can do it:
Step 1: Download and Install Real Player. [Download Link]


Step 2: Launch GetFLV and open website where videos are hosted by JW Player.

Step 3: You can paste the web page URL directly into GetFLV. Once you start playing a video it will automatically generate download URL within GetFLV.

Step 4: Now click on the “Download” button placed on the right side of the screen.

Step 5: It will start downloading the video. The downloading process can be observed through the “Video Downloader” option.

#4 Download JW Player Videos using IDM

Internet download manager (IDM) is the best option for downloading any kind of videos that are embedded on web pages. Regardless of any platform, IDM efficiently download protected JW player videos. It is the most popular JW player video downloader. It will do the deed easily.

Step 1: Download and install IDM on your computer. [Download IDM]

Step 2: Open the web page where videos are hosted by JW Player.

Step 3: Start the video and you will find “Download this video” option right above the video.

Step 4: Click on that download button and it will pop-up a download prompt as depicted below.


Step 5: Tap on “Start Download” and it will start downloading. That’s it!


Wrapping up:

These simple methods will let you allow download JW player videos free. If you don’t want to use any third-party platforms, then the very first method is highly recommended. Otherwise, you can download JW player videos using IDM. If you find this article informative, then share it with your friends. You can also suggest other JW player video download methods in the comment section.



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