A Beginners Cracking Tutorial | Ultimate Guide ⭐


As a beginner you need to know what you’re doing and what is cracking about, so basically cracking is finding a combolist ( An email:password or user:password list ) with various methods and then try the combinations in different sites/platform to see if any of them works. The concept behind this is that some people (or most ) uses the same login details all over the internet and we are exploiting this.

Lets Begin:
Download VMware or virtual box and a Windows 10 ISO then setup your virtual machine ( you can find tutorials on how to do this on youtube )

After this you need to install a VPN on the virtual machine, you can use a free one but i highly recommend to get an paid one account ( you can find one on forums )

Now we need to download a software that will give us combos so we will use Slayer Leecher, basically it will give us combos from the web based on the keywords we put . keep in mind that those combos are public so anyone can get acces to them if they use the same keywords as us ( search on forums for the download link )

Now go to google and type “keyword tool” and make some keywords based on what you want ( example : spotify , hulu etc…)

The next step is to start Slayer Leecher ( if you have problems just download the net framework stuff or disable the windows security ) then put your keywords, after that click on settings and only check Pastebin, finally choose 24hour result and press start ( don’t forget to be creative and use different keywords , you are learning so experiment )

After you got some results ( the more is better ) click on stop then filtring,grab,save resultat and finally pass to leecher

When you are on the leecher click start , wait untill it finish , click on remove duplicate then save , and we have our combolist!!

Now for the check i can’t give you all the download links just search on forums for the checker you want , they all have the same working : you put your combolist then your proxies ( use proxyscrape.com to get free ones) then you start checking.

You can also use universal checkers like Sentry or storm but i don’t recomend those at this point ( too complicated for a begginner ) but you can find excellent tutorials about them if you search a little.

So now you can start cracking with the most basic method , of course this is far from being the best method but you need to start somewhere and i think this is the best way to learn the basics and to train yourself , i’ll make another tutorial in when i get the time to show you a more advanced technique so check from one time to another.


-Be sure to use ALL your cracking stuff/softwares on a virtual machine
-Start your vpn immediatly after launching your computer
-You can use a mac changer software to be more safe
-Clean your registery and temporary fils after you finish your work ( yes even on virtual machine)
-Be patient and don’t try to learn everything on a single night, we all started with trying to hack facebook with some cmd shit LOL