3 In 1 Tricks | OG Name + Epic Unbannable + TikTop Font ⭐


  1. Go to /WdtkX8JL on pastebin
  2. make your username using the letters
  3. copy it using ctrl+c
  4. go to epicgames.com and sign in
  5. go to username change
  6. paste the name using ctrl+p


first you are going to go to google translate and type any name you want and translate it to Hindi then COPY it using CTRL+C that and go to epicgames.com sign into your account and then go to the setting where you can change your username PASTE it using CTRL+P and set it as your new username.


Ok so to tiktok.com search for a username like błüē then look for a default pfp and then the name not the username should be spam letters like didjdakk but the username should be a font or stat acc then hit sign up on tiktok and sign up with email and then were it you put your email in to sign up make it the name not the username so it would be didjdakk if it says already created go to gmail and make a gmail acc and name it to didjdakk then hit reset password.

Happy learning!


Already patched and method is old, from 2020 I think

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