2x Grammarly Premium Account

Don’t change the password. If you change I can recover it. Just enjoy it!!

PM me @Akash_Saha for the account, to avoid getting the accounts banned!

@moderators - Never share any accounts directly at an open thread, as leechers will get all the accounts banned very quickly! The best way is to share them is, via PM manually, with the right Instructions to use, if there is any!
note: If onehack has any problem then they can delete this post. The accounts are owned by me. The only benefit of sharing is the link. Don’t reveal the link. Thank You all.


Everyone keep attention. If you try to change the password, I will get notified. I will change it then nobody would be able to use this. So don’t do this, a lot of you inboxed, so I am revealing this.
from here : https://file-link.net/136686/grammarly
Again:don’t reveal the link too.

Worked Thank you pal :slight_smile:

just don’t change anything, use it :smiley:

Working , thanks man :blush:

can anyone please explain what and where to navigate to on the page. i do not understand how to go about it

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Thanks a lot, it’s working

I had sent you the account. don’t change it

Sign-in is disabled because of too many attempts. Try again later.

bro plz share me @Akash_Saha

please pm me the serial key or account info. thanks always.

How to access attached link. After clicking the link nothing happened…

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Thanks for sharing but I dont get it do I have to download Grammarly2x - Linkvertise Downloader_1556944996.ex ? it has been removed by the antivirus.

For me also please provide.

Hey! I have a case study to submit, would be awesome if you PM me the accounts =) the download gets disabled by my antivirus

Thanks a lot dude! I was in search of this for a long time🤟

same experience
@Akash_Saha pls share tia!

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Noa able to get

is it now gone

please pm me the account, thanks.