25 Categories To Make Money

So, with these categories and subjects, you can start making money by doing a little effort!

Here are some options…


Print on demand

Custom products

Sell on Etsy

Sell on Amazon

Digital products



Affiliate marketing

Online courses and workshops

Freelance services

Start a YouTube channel

Become an influencer

Write ebooks

Look for side gigs

Do translation work

Sell stuff online

Livestream on Twitch

Take online surveys

Sell photos online

Become a social media consultant

Start a podcast

Become a transcriber

Review apps, websites, and software

Become an audiobook narrator

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Don’t say “little effort” dude. These categories are already saturated, and beginners are facing cut throat competition there.


Yes, says no body!
These are extremely difficult to make money unless you are already established in onenof these category. Like a famous Podcaster or an influencer.

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