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1. Edureka

Edureka is one of the fastest growing e-learning platforms. Edureka is popular among developers and software testers for great tech content, which includes video tutorials, articles, interview questions, and cheat sheets. Edureka offers a comprehensive guide of Selenium Automation Testing along with a video tutorial. You can learn every aspect of test automation, like what is Selenium, why it is required, challenges in automation, etc.

Also if you are a newbie in this field, you can join Edureka’s Selenium certification training, and it will help you in mastering the various concepts of Selenium from scratch.

2. SeleniumHQ

Being the official website for learning, downloading, and looking for Selenium resources, SeleniumHQ is the most reliable resource of all. You can get a detailed documentation on Selenium, choose from the language that you’re comfortable with, and stay updated to the latest news coming every day about Selenium. You can also choose between different Selenium tools and find out which one is best suited for you with the help of SeleniumHQ.

You can join Selenium’s chat room in case you have any query, and the best part about this is since Selenium is open source, this website is also publicly editable.

3. LambdaTest

This is a cross-browser testing tool that provides an online Selenium Grid. LambdaTest also maintains their blog regularly on Selenium. You can learn a lot, like step-by-step guides, emerging technologies, Selenium automation codes, and a lot more from the LambdaTest Selenium Automation blog, and you can use this in real time on LambdaTest along with Selenium. You can also learn the best practices in Selenium, best ways to write better codes, automated testing using different frameworks, like Watir, JUnit, Pytest, and a lot more.

4. Guru99

Guru99 is yet another helpful blog for learning Selenium. It has a complete series of Selenium Syllabus, which covers all the content from basic Selenium information to setting up test environments and learning advanced WebDriver. You can find the course categorized into First Look, WebDriver Tutorial, TestNG, Frameworks, Advance Webdriver Stuff, Selenium IDE Tutorial, Must Check, and you’ll have Live Selenium Projects at the end.

5. DZone Selenium Refcard

DZone is on the top of the list for the popular software developer and tester communities. DZone Refcardz are one of top technical cheat sheet libraries. This Selenium Refcard covers everything about Selenium, including the latest updates to Selenium, a getting started tutorial, commands and operations, supported frameworks, etc. If you want to switch your career from manual testing to Selenium automation, this link will help you a lot.

6. Selenium HQ Wiki

Selenium Wiki, which is available on GitHub, is also a great place to learn Selenium Automation. With 67 pages covering all the aspects of Selenium Automation, Selenium Wiki contains parts like Advanced User Interactions, Architectural overview, Building WebDriver, ChromeDriver, DesiredCapabilities, LoadableComponent, etc. You can get sample codes and learn Selenium step by step.

7. Ultimate QA

Ultimate QA is a great resource for learning Selenium automation. Developed by Nikolay Advolodkin with an aim to create the best QA engineers, Ultimate QA provides a complete course on learning Selenium WebDriver. You can watch online video courses, get a list of websites to practice test automation, read books, E-learning Platforms, get access to slides/ presentations, webinars, videos, and a lot more.

8. Stack Overflow

If you want to learn or explore any tech sort of thing, the first website that comes to any developer, tester, or product manager’s mind is Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is the largest and most-trusted online community with 50 million professionals sharing their knowledge. You can shoot your queries about Selenium across the community and learn from different people.

You can also directly interact with community members and discuss anything if you want.

9. Selenium Easy

Going with the tagline “Free selenium tutorials for beginners and experts — Selenium Easy is a useful website that provides resources for beginners. You can find live examples, step-by-step execution of these examples, introductory articles, and many more articles that will help you in learning Selenium quite easily.”

You can also take tests to check your Selenium knowledge on Selenium Easy, learn Selenium WebDriver, and leverage and learn other Selenium tools.

10. Reddit: Selenium SubReddit

Reddit is an online community where users can initiate a thread for their tech query, interact with other running threads, and discuss with community members to find solutions. Selenium Subreddit is a very active group of 2.9K people across the globe. You can learn Selenium concepts by going through different threads and discuss more.

Being an active community, you will be always synchronized with latest updates in Selenium. And this is a legit platform to learn Selenium without any advertising.

11. Software Testing Help

This Selenium tutorial contains 33 sub tutorials, which cover every aspect of Selenium automaton. It contains basic to advanced-level topics like frameworks, Grid, IDE, CI/CD tools, etc., which are helpful for beginners to highly experienced professionals. It also suggests must-reads among all the topics. I also suggest having a look at these tutorials to learn Selenium from scratch.

12. ToolsQA Selenium Tutorial

Toolsqa Selenium tutorial is a well-defined content hub to learn Selenium in depth. The complete tutorial is divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels. It also covers frameworks, designs, and build tools like Maven, Jenkins, etc. If you are a beginner and want to start your career in Selenium automation, you must start learning from here. Either ways, this tutorial is also helpful for testing professionals and students.

13. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular online learning destinations that help students, professionals, and companies learn cut edge tech skills. As it is an e-learning platform, you can join hundreds of Selenium certification courses. Also, you can discuss your queries with course mentors and students across the globe. Udemy provides 209 Selenium certification courses, which cover frameworks, supported languages, WebDrivers, Record and Replay, and test automation tools.

These are some of the best resources that will help you in learning Selenium automation. I suggest you going through all of them at least once to figure out which one suits you.

I hope that these resources are helpful as you work to learn more about Selenium. So, keep learning!

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