How to Torrent Files for Free (many methods explained)

seems nice.
whats file size limit btw?

I don’t know since I barely use them. You can test it, but don’t leech too big files since they’re for public use (especially the heroku ones, the site may be banned if it’s used too much/used to download too big files)

For free accounts heroku gives 375GB space per app

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19. Using Zap Torrent

Free users get 2GB storage

20. Using Torrent MX

Free users get 50GB quota/month, 30 torrents/month, and 2GB limit/torrent. It supports GDrive remote upload


21. Using Gettorrent

Free users get 20GB massive storage, it supports seeding too, I think this is the best free cloud torrent downloader I’ve ever known. See my post here.


whats maximum file size limit?
and those are aria2 based?

If it’s hosted in Heroku, the file size limit is <375GB

hey man…the repo u linked

can u pls tell me how to set it up…everytime i try it jus crashes

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there is also another telegram bot group by which you can mirror torrent files, @teamdrivegroup Telegram Group

22. Using other groups/bots in Telegram

There’s a telegram channel that puts many mirroring groups/bots in one place


Hi Onehack family,
i found this couple days ago on telegram. many of times there are torrents that are too slow or are too big in size. So to solve this issue. follow the steps to download the torrents for free at faster speed.

  1. Join this or just search for (AbhijeetsClan) on telegram channel (if you don’t join this channel, you wont be able to send messages in the group. the group has force join bot)

  2. Now, join this group or just search for (AbhijeetsMirrorClan) on telegram.

  3. now put your magnet link in the format specified below (usage of all the commands is given on his channel)
    /mirror {your magnet link}

Advantages of using this group:

  1. Downloads are faster
  2. you can download torrents
  3. you can clone Gdrive public / Private links(with permission)
  4. You can mirror in (.tar) format
  5. 273Gb of single torrent supported
  6. YOUTUBE single link supported
  7. YOUTUBE PLAYLIST supported
  8. You can search their own uploaded files (that are provided by the service provider)

Thats all the details that i wanted to share…


Does Any One Know How to leech torrents in multiup even after free limit 10gb has been reached i read some where that you can do by changing submit button from disable to enable using ispect element but i don’t know how to do that plz someone give me instructions to how to do this

Thank Your.

275gb is what you can download

Is another better option to upload files to drive[Google , OneDrive, Onedrive Business] , max size per torrent or file is 2GB. Best thing is now Daily Quota. Simlutanious 2 Uploads.

Supports Torrent Link, Url.

I personally find it very useful not any kind of affiliate.
URL Upload Bot(@uploadbot telegram) is also awesome to create direct download links from magnet link) i use it quite often.

If any one wants to know some cool bots on telegarm u can dm me.

I found a free unlimited direct torrent downlead site , its completely free for use for additional speed and remove ads you have to donate.


cant login there
Authorization Error
Error 401: deleted_client
The OAuth client was deleted.