Zeus Scanner | Advanced Dork Searching Utility

Zeus is a advanced dork searching tool that is capable of bypassing search engine API calls, search engine captchas, and IP address blocking from sending many requests to the search engine itself.

  • Zeus can use three different search engines to do the search ( default is Google ). Zeus has a powerful built in engine, automates a hidden web browser to pull the search URL, and can run sqlmap and nmap scans on the URL’s.


There are a few requirements for this:

  • Firefox web browser is required as of now, I will be adding the functionality of most web browsers.
  • If you want to run sqlmap through the URL’s you will need sqlmap somewhere on your system.
  • If you want to run a port scan using nmap on the URL’s IP addresses. You will need nmap on your system.
    • Highly advised tip : Add sqlmap and nmap to your ENV PATH
  • Gecko web driver is required and will be installed the first time you run. It will be added to your /usr/bin so that it can be run in your ENV PATH.
  • You must be sudo for the first time running this so that you can add the driver to your PATH
  • selenium-webdriver package is required to automate the web browser and bypass API calls.
  • requests package is required to connect to the URL, and the sqlmap API
  • python-nmap package is required to run nmap on the URL’s IP addresses
  • whichcraft package is required to check if nmap and sqlmap are on your system if you want to use them
  • pyvirtualdisplay package is required to hide the browser display while finding the search URL
  • xvfb is required by pyvirtualdisplay, it will be installed if not installed on your first run


To install Zeus you simply need to do the following:

  • (optional but highly advised) add sqlmap and nmap to your environment PATH by moving them to /usr/bin or by adding them to the PATH via terminal
  • Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/Ekultek/Zeus-Scanner.git
  • cd into zeus-scanner
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  • For your first run, run sudo python zeus.py

This will install all the package requirements along with the gecko web driver