Is there any way to save a random video/playlist from youtube to google drive? I googled it a lot but didn’t find it :expressionless:

Youtube Secrets

Maybe this topic can help your need.


Here is the deal man, You go to your drive as shown here

Click on New go down till you find More click on in and it will show you some options, You will see Connect More Apps click on it and it will appears a search panel , just type YouTube you will see bunch of apps Choose the one as I selected with the {red Arrow}

then install it … give it the permissions and you are good to
After installing the app just go again to your drive click on New you will see the options go for More and you will see the App installed click on… it will redirect you to a page such this one.
You can search or paste the video link and then click on Save Video to Google Drive

JL SNYDER CUT :sunglasses: :v:

Happy Learning and watching !

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