Youtube Shorts Method | Go Viral

A pretty much, we will be uploading YouTube Shorts.

  1. Create a new G-Mail account.
    Your name must be something that will represent your channel.

  2. Set up a proper banner and profile picture.

  3. Go to TikTok, Reddit or any other platform where viral videos are uploaded.
    Find something that is trending right now or something funny.

If you are using TikTok, use a watermark remover.

  1. Upload the video as a short.

  2. Add a personal/normal title.

  3. Use hashtags that are popular and describe your video.

It may not work at first, but staying consistent will eventually give you results. Personally, I tried this and i got over 200k views on one of my shorts.

Happy learning!


thanks, very helpful :+1:

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Hi @BlueHacker
thank you for sharing
I will try

How do you monetize that type of channel?


i have the same question , is this method monetizable ?

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NIce! do you keep uploading videos with same or different channel? how can I monetize this? thanks for sharing!