Youtube Money Making Tricks | Youtube Account Hacks

  1. Obtain Redline Stealer software from the dark web marketplace.

  2. Install the software on your device.

  3. Find a YouTube account to target.

  4. Use Redline Stealer to obtain the victim’s login credentials.

  5. Log in to the hacked account.

  6. Change the account’s email and password to lock out the original owner.

  7. Enable monetization on the account to start earning revenue.

  8. Create and upload videos that will attract a lot of views.

  9. Use keyword research to optimize your video titles and descriptions.

  10. Share your videos on social media and other platforms to increase views.

  11. Use clickbait thumbnails and titles to get people to click on your videos.

  12. Respond to comments on your videos to increase engagement.

  13. Use paid promotion to get your videos in front of more people.

  14. Continuously post new content to keep viewers engaged.

  15. Partner with brands to sponsor your videos and receive payment.

  16. Sell merchandise related to your videos.

  17. Use affiliate marketing to earn commissions on products recommended in your videos.

  18. Sell access to exclusive content for a fee.

  19. Use shoutouts to promote other YouTubers for a fee.

  20. Use donations and crowdfunding to receive direct payments from viewers.



I am not able to find the software on the marketplace. Can you please share link to that file.

Let me know if you got the dark web link

it doesn’t have to be redline stealer you can find any open source stealers on GitHub and crypt your stealer to be undetectable but the trick here is how to spread your stealer, however, there are so many methods you just have to be creative.