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Hack Of The Day!

To do this method we need to acquire some premium accounts such as Spotify, Hulu, Netflix (can be found on the forum (how to get one)

Based on what experts did - Netflix - Hulu - and Spotify accounts work the best
You want to think of like a clickbait title e.g


So if you do Clash Royale a title like this works

Clash Royale Video !! | Funny | Plus Account Giveaway !!!

That’s an example change it however you like!

Step - Now you have a choice to make

Option 1 - Put the accounts in the middle of the video

If you do that then right when video starts do like a screen with text or whatever and state that like this Accounts are hidden in the video

Option 2 - Hide the accounts in the description.

This works well if you have a long description

YOUR DONE !! This method does work reported by a friend and I myself checked a few days ago.

Primarily Netflix Or Hulu than they just follow method.


WARNING: Don’t ask or requests any kind of free or premium accounts here on the forum. Not allowed, just take what already posted here, requesting not allowed.