YouTube | Get Thousand Of Subs, Views, Likes And Comments! Ultimate!

This is an old but definitely, a Gold method to do so, not completely sure it works nowadays but a month ago someone confirmed it worked. So here’s the method I’m sharing with you guys…

What you need

1· A brain and common sense.

2· Time and patience.

3· Google Chrome (Auto Translate Russian to English) or understanding of the Russian language.

4· Vtope:

5· Loads of Gmail accounts (use these as YouTube accounts in the Vtope bot, use a minimum of 6-8 for high earning (thousands of credits a day).

6· A couple of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,, and accounts for extra earning (Vtope uses like 4 to 6 accounts on every social network at a time, the rest are on idle/wait till the used ones go to sleep), you don’t need these as YouTube tends to earn the most credits, but you might want more.

7· A lot of data (Vtope used like 20-40GBs of data on one day) have unlimited data (I only have 500GB) and a minimum speed of 16/2Mbps to 24/5Mbps.

8· A CPU that will handle the task load.


  1. Make sure you have all the requirements above, make sure you have Vtope, Gmail accounts, and a few other accounts mentioned above if you want.

  2. Download the Vtope bot.

  3. Click the + button next to the drop-down button, and add in accounts

  4. If you see a red X, the account is not working so click the three-dot button and click the second word to delete the account. If you see a purple P, click on it and sign in to your account. MAKE SURE THE ACCOUNT IS ON THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT, if not, go to the bottom and click on test new features and get the new layout. Click on your channel logo in the top right corner to show channel info so Vtope knows the account is there and get Vtope to verify the account as working.

  5. Click the three tabs button next to the close button, make sure the top switch is on (green) so the Vtope bot is active and gaining points. Make sure the “… Windows” switch is on as well so Vtope starts up when Windows does.

  6. Leave your computer on. If the accounts go purple or red, go to step 4.

  7. Have fun!


Spread the word to your friends. Each time someone signs up with your ref link, you gain 25% of what they earn!

How to use points (the fun part)

  1. Click on the button with the + on the top right corner.

  2. Paste your channel link or whatever social media Vtope supports.

  3. Adjust the settings, go for what you like!

  4. You can put bot quality up or down, the lowest is cheapest but is cheap, the highest will be channels that watch your videos and are active but are the most expensive.

  5. Add the task!

PROTIP: If you hate someone, dislike bot their channel!

Selling subscribers

You can go and use this method to bot other people’s social media like YouTube and even get paid for it.

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Regards, SaM


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