YouTube and Peacock are Now Streaming James Bond Films For Free

The Verge writes:

Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic for a classic James Bond film following Sean Connery’s death in late October. Or perhaps you’re simply feeling a gap given that the next film, No Time to Die, got pushed back to April 2021 or beyond. Either way, you can now binge a sizable selection of the James Bond collection completely for free (with ads) from YouTube, Peacock (with its free subscription), and PlutoTV

You can also find most of the films on Hulu and Amazon Prime this month, though you’d have to pay for those subscriptions, and Netflix has Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and three Pierce Brosnan flicks including GoldenEye — newly relevant now that the famed Arecibo Observatory, which gets destroyed in the film, has also collapsed in real life.


That’s really cool! I don’t want to watch any of them, but it’s still cool.

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It’s not available in some country.

But you can still use VPN to watch it. Combine with youtube-dl, you can even download and watch it without ads.

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