XMind 2020 10.3.1 full version / "no patch or activation" trick

XMind 2020 10.3.1 full version / “no patch or activation” trick

Simple Steps for this trick:

  1. Download XMind from their website: https://dl3.xmind.net/XMind-2020-for-Windows-64bit-10.3.1-202101070032.exe

  2. Create a .bat file (batch file) and write these 4 lines of text:

@echo off
set VANA_LICENSE_TO=“Xmind Test”
start “” “%~dp0\XMind.exe”

  1. Change the License Name that appears on program’s about box (optional). To do this, simply change the “Xmind Test” to something you like (preserve the quotes).

  2. Save this bat file as XmindFull.bat or any name inside the Xmind program files folder which is located here: “C:\Program Files\XMind” (assuming that you didn’t change the install location).

  3. Lastly, create a shortcut for this file in your desktop for easy access. Rename it to “XMind Full” or any title. Delete the original shortcuts found in start menu and desktop. The new shortcut is now your working version of Xmind without any patch or activation.

  4. Optional. You may change the bat file icon using the main program icon: Right click XmindFull.bat > Go to Shortcut tab > Change Icon > Browse > Put “C:\Program Files\XMind\XMind.exe” > OK
    You may pin this shortcut to your taskbar.

  5. Voila, Launch this shortcut and XMind is now activated using this trick! (see note below for Windows 64bit)

Important note on 64bit Windows:
If you are using 64bit Windows and changed the bat file icon, and having this error “Windows cannot find …”, to solve this, just prepend this text to the shortcut’s Target box including space without quotes: "%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c "
It should appear like this: %windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c “C:\Program Files\XMind\XmindFull.bat”


Download working batch file. XMind.bat.txt (99 Bytes)

Tested on latest X-Mind 2020 version 10.3.1 for Windows 10.
(Use this trick for personal use only. Happy mindmapping! :D)

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can u help me :grimacing:

Make sure that your XMind.bat file resides where XMind.exe is stored. Also if you are using 64bit windows, just prepend "%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c " in the Target box of the shortcut you just made.

Note: Make sure you followed all the steps shown above especially step 2.

To test if your batch file works, execute it and see if XMind opens gracefully and not showing “Activate Now” in the Help >About box section.

Problem found!!!

It seems that the quote characters has been altered when this content has been posted. Just download my sample batch file (XMind.bat) i’ve attached and replace the one you have.
Rename XMind.bat.txt into XMind.bat (Coz batch files aren’t allowed to be uploaded here).
XMind.bat.txt (99 Bytes)


Work, thanks :kissing_heart:

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Great work. Just don’t update the program and block from phoning home. I mean block from accessing the internet to ensure it won’t be screwed.

PS. Tested on computer where date is set 31 days after. Shows no trial marks on output and no indication of being expired. :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I liked this so much, I made a portable version of it really quickly, source included. Was built in AutoIt3. It takes care of your Roaming folder for this app as well, so your preferences should be carried across and kept in your portable folder beside the launcher (so you only need the XMindRun.exe and the App folder be together, in any folder). So no install needed to use it, which is even better IMO. Using a temp file storage site, so will only be up 30-days, enjoy if you want to use it. http://ge.tt/6kDuYRA3


Very nice. Hoping someone could make it and now you did. You deserve more likes for doing that.

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I tend to mess with all kinds of programs, either making a VMWare Thinstall version, or one where my AutoIt3 script (compiled) does all the legwork of folders and reg keys as applicable. Even made a portable Photoshop 2019 that includes brushes and your workspace and all. Needs admin rights for that because can’t override the folders it runs from, must be Program Files (and that needs admin user or rights). But hey, it works, right?

Actually i’ve been making programs virtualized long before Symantec discontinued their own virtualization suite called Symantec Workspace Virtualization. However, it still works but there are compatibility issues unresolved, sadly, it stops there. I had hundreds of apps virtualized in a single system before.

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I am having some issues running this and I feel it has to do with this…

Everything else I did it according all the steps above and, I am getting this error…

Very nice. cooool xD

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Worked like a charm! thanks!

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