[WTB] Need a .edu account

Well there are a lot of methods listed on this website for creating .edu accounts but I tried alot and was unable to get a .edu account with unlimited google drive storage.

So if anyone is willing to send me a .edu account with unlimited google drive access, it would be greatly appreciated. Also I am willing to pay a small fees to them for their hardwork in creating and giving me a .edu account.

NOTE- The .edu account should have google drive access for a longer period of time atleast 6 months. I created a .edu account but it was terminated within a couple of weeks because I did not enroll in any of the courses of that university.
So again guys, can someone please give me a .edu account. I would surely pay a small sum to you as a token of appreciation.

hello raghav_pahwa i tried the method and they worked before getting a .edu account with unlimited google drive
but all the latest created .edu account got busted and they removed the google drive from those accounts unless u really pay for university and ur account is verified

i dont know if someone who had old account can give for u ! but it will be nice
for me now i use the microsoft 1 drive with a 5tb storage i dont think i could need more and i already created 6 accounts for backup and they still working fine plus of that i created some accounts on mega with 50GB storage

personnel after what i see from google i dont trust them and there drives because they take serious dessisions that may end with loosing all important files on those drives

Hey @bowbow7 Thanks.
I think I will also continue using onedrive accounts for 5 TB storage.
As you said those google drive accounts are unreliable, but according to me onedrive accounts created using several methods listed on this platform are also equally unreliable and I am still a little hesitant to upload whole of my data hoarding collection of several TB’s to onedrive as I am afraid it is just going to be a wastage of bandwidth.
So I just want to ask you if these onedrive accounts are really reliable or not?

what i did is created 6 accounts on 1 drive uploaded on 1 and used mult cloud to duplicate them to all the 5 others
then the same file i also duplicate them on mega-nz in case of something happens
in this way i keep my files safe and every fiew days i check them

I guess I will do the same then.
Thanks :smile:

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there’s an thread on using gdrive as seedbox using collab.Is there something similar for onedrive or mega?

How did you manage that, I tried to use multicloud to duplicate my data from a Google drive to one cloud account and unfortunately it only allows a 30gb transfer a month. I have 12TB I’d like to copy

use many multi cloud accounts, its like the same drives but many users move files with 30gb each

Thanks, but creating 400 accounts doesn’t feel viable though. Thanks though.

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well i dont have that much of data all i have is like 10 websites for clients i back up the data every weak and i upload them all are not more then 150gb
i dont put personal data like photos or videos on web i like keep it local on external drives
and for eductation courses i download them and keep them on local but i save the torrents links on the dirve online for later use if i lost them,
i used before to save music and movies but later on i delete them because i 100% wont look back to them excpet 1 time in 3 month or 1 time in a year

I too had many doubts about these topics, but now my doubts got clarified.

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how did u create a one drive account with 5 tb storage ???

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The methods are already given here:

OK will try this thanks a lot

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