Wrapper | Manage Your Tabs By Wrapping Them


When you have lots of tabs open in Chrome, important pages can get lost among the more trivial ones, forcing you to click to and fro to find the one you need. Wrapper makes life easier by showing you at a glance the contents of all your tabs and letting you organize them into tidy groups called ‘wrappers’.
You can give each wrapper a title and description, colour-code it for easy reference and even share it with other people via email.

Click a wrapper to view all the tabs within it and either open them individually or all at once. Wrappers are saved when you close your browser, to give you instant access to the wrapped pages next time you need them. Annoyingly, you need to register with Wrapper to use the add-on, but this allows other people
to share their wrappers with you.

Wrap your tabs. Group them, save them and share them.

Wrapper is an awesome tab manager that lets you control your tabs in the browser.

  1. View/Search open tabs.
  2. Highlight/Close open tabs.
  3. Group tabs into wrappers and save them, view them and open them anytime you want.
  4. Collaborate with others by sharing and commenting on wrappers.
  5. Transfer tabs between wrappers by simple drag & drop.

Increase Productivity, save time, reduce clutter from your browser with Wrapper. Share what you have curated with others.

Also, available on Firefox.



better than ONETAB?