Wordpress Considers Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 11

Bleeping Computer reports:

The most well-known and popular blogging platform, WordPress, is considering dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 as the browser’s usage dips below 1%. Using three metrics to determine the number of people still using IE 11, WordPress has found that its cumulative usage is below 1%…

WordPress is not alone in dropping support for IE 11. In August 2020, Microsoft announced that they would no longer support Internet Explorer on the Microsoft Teams web app, and Microsoft 365 would no longer support it starting on August 17th, 2021.
“Dropping support would result in smaller scripts, lower maintenance burden, and decrease build times,” notes a post on the Wordpress blog. "For instance, a recent exploration by @youknowriad demonstrated that not transpiling the scripts to IE11 immediately resulted in a net reduction of nearly 84kB in the Gutenberg JavaScript [Wordpress Editor interface] built files, representing a 7,78% total decrease in size; these scripts have seen a size contraction up to 60%, with an average reduction of 24%…

“Moreover, dropping support would ultimately make WordPress’ currently included polyfill script obsolete, decreasing the enqueued scripts size up to 102kB more.”

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