Woo commerce vs Magento Vs Open cart

I want to create e-commerce website for my store. Prices and products in my store will change on daily basis. Suggest me which one is best and easy in operation.

There are various factors to be considered while choosing an ecommerce platform.

  1. Total number of products.
    Woocommerce can support around 10k products (if properly optimized). Beyond that you need a really good host and must be aware of advanced techniques.
    Opencart would typically support around 25k to 30k products. Again optimization is a must.
    Magento supports any number of products that you could probably think of.

  2. Server Cost
    Woocommerce would work well with a server with 2gb RAM and 1vCPU which would cost around 15usd per month (upgrade required depending on the number of products).
    Open cart would work well with a server with 2gb RAM and 2vCPU and would cost around 20usd/month
    Magento on the other hand required 2gb RAM and 2vCPU for starters.

So if you are not planning on having a really huge site or really big number of products magento shouldnt be used.

  1. Development cost.
    Wordpress development cost starts from around 500usd.
    Opencart development cost starts from around 700usd
    while magento would cost no less than 1500usd

There are other factors too… but i think these would give you head start in choosing the best platform.


Magento 2 completely changed everything.
Yes you can create a store with it but it’s not comparable to the other options, it’s so much bigger and heavier.

You can choose between Woo or Prestashop but don’t even touch Magento if you are not ready to throw a lot of money, time and resources at it.
Good luck.


:+1:t2: Thank you

Woo Commerce is the best. If you want a shopping cart quick and easy to manage. Also you can find a lot of cheap experts and also a lot of free and very reasonably priced Extentions.
Magento after 2.4 has become a enteprise ONLY solution.
You need elasticsearch installed for it to work. That means you either need a very costly managed VPS, Cloud or Dedicated hosting where they already have Elasticsearch installed. Or you will have to install the free version that has some limitations.
The pricing for the enterprise versions are not mentioned so it has to be really high.
Or on a shared hosting too you will need to use cloud so that would be paying 16$ a month for no support limited version.
Or 22$ a month for the best version.
So apart from your hosting you will have to shell out this amount per month.
Small businesses and startups can say goodbye to Magento for now. Yes because one day the 2.3.x version and lower are going to reach the EOS then there will be no support.
You will need to shell out more money to an expert to keep in touch with the community and discover the vulnerabilities and keep fixing it.
Open Cart is good when you have to make an advanced shopping cart with some unique of advanced features and don’t want to start from a scratch.

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I’ve got well over a decade building stores. Worked with some pretty big companies and celebrities.
If you are just starting out, give the two your looking at. I’d use woocommerce, don’t even try Magento. Don’t get me wrong, I love Magento. But its enterprise level. You migrate to that when your site is making millions per year. Personally, I would start on BigCommerce or even Shopify. You can be up and running in a day or two. Of the two, SHopify is easier, but BigCommerce will give you way more API calls, and just has more features you’ll want as you scale.

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