WindowsFX/LinuxFX - Ubuntu based distro with windows 10 theme!

The Linuxfx / Windowsfx project was developed to help Microsoft© Windows® users to migrate directly to Linux, taking advantage of its entire learning curve. Taking advantage of hardware that does not support the newest version of Microsoft© Windows® is also a directive of Linuxfx, as well as providing network support, Active Directory, .exe and .msi programs, safe navigation and virus protection. Using Linuxfx / Windowsfx on your computer, you’ll have a fast, memory consuming, and virus immune system developed for the Microsoft© Windows® platform.

Linuxfx Operational System 10 (Winfx)

  • Cinnamon 4.6
  • Pbis and Closed in directories (CID) for Active Directory
  • Linuxfx Core tools (control panel and others tools)
  • Wine + Linuxfx tools for .MSI and .EXE double click easy
  • Samba + Linuxfx network tools for simple network

Linuxfx support:
0800 881 3000 (Phonne & Whatsapp)
[email protected]

Telegram support:
Portuguese (Brazil):


  • Run .EXE and .MSI with double click
  • Windows Like Desktop Theme
  • Active Directory compatible
  • Microsoft network compatible
  • Horizon, Receiver and RDesktop for VID
  • Teamviewer and Anydesk for remote support
  • Microsoft teams, Skype, Zoom, Telegram and others tools for communications
  • Steam and joystick support for gamming
  • Simple and easy for use

Project Samples

This also works on ARM systems like Raspberry PI.

If you don’t believe it, watch the video :


what about stability and performance?

That’s Ubuntu 20 with a windows 10 theme.
When you change the background color of your OS and the font, does it change the stability and performance ?? :smiley:


I rather use Ubuntu than rape it by windows :joy:

unless windows software are open sourced , Its doesnt make sense using linux power windows.
Rather choose Debian and save privacy

If you want to migrate from windows to Linux, your best option is Linux Mint.

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each time it is about windows and linux, all haters think it’s necessary to come and tell you that you shouldn’t mix windows and linux. It’s like saying that black people shouldn’t fuck with white people.

This just a ready to use ubuntu version with a customized theme, for people who are used to the windows interface. Stop feeling superior and lecturing people on do’s and don’ts.


I like it. You behave totally different than profile.
You should head the shit out to FSF and gnu community.
first know who is Richard stallman , see his lectures, then you’ll know why i say that.

Ubuntu had long history of spying users by showing amazon and data collecting, although opensource, it adds closed source things .
Windows and linux are not like black and white people, They are like alien and human, concept of them is totally different.
closed source things or (windows) every time sucks your privacy, they know better than you.

Instead giving your feeling, you should immediately search that person , youll realize things.
But nice share, keep it up.