Wifi Hacking | Beginners Friendly

Programs Required:

  • Wireshark
  • Aircarck-NG GUI


  1. Install Wireshark. Just allow it to install the needed drivers and you are good to go to the next step.

  2. After the application is installed ,open it.

  3. You will be prompted to a new window. Click on the Start Scanning button.

  4. All the available networks around you will be shown. Just click the network you want to get the password, and click on “Capture”. NOTE: this will work for WEP networks only!

  5. Now the newly opened windows will be closed and you will be able to see that Wireshark has started
    capturing the packets.

  6. Click on Settings> Options> Memory Usage. Change the value of maximum packets in buffer to

  7. Now you can click on the logging tab. Select “Auto Logging”. Enter 2000 in the “Maximum Directory
    Size” and 20 in the “Average Log File Size”.

  8. Again go to “Logging” tab and select “Concatenate Logs” to join all the split logs of 20 MB we just created. And now we have one *.ncf file.

  9. Open the *.ncf file that we just got form the above Concatenation step.

  10. Click File> Export> Wireshark/Tco dump format. This will create a .cap file

  11. Go to the Aircrack application folder and then traverse to the bin file inside. Double click on Aircrack-ng GUI.exe in the application and select the *.cap file we just created in step 10.

  12. And that’s it! If you have sufficient data to crack the password, you will get the password. It is advisable to proceed from step 8 to 11 only after receiving enough packets. You will need a minimum
    of 100000 packets to start the cracking. So after step 7, it is advisable to leave the system alone for 2- 3 hours and then proceed to the further steps!

Happy learning!