Wifi card connected but no internet

Hello I bought this off of amazon link

Now when I install the drivers I get connected but no internet access I have tried the auto install on the dongle, the drivers from the cd and the ones from realtek. what can I do and how can I get it to work

Okay So we really don’t know if the problem is of your router or wifi card.
The solution can be:
1)Try connecting it to a different wifi and check if the problem persists , if not its then your router’s issue (is your wifi working on your mobile?) , you can also check it by using your mobile hotspot
2)If you are using a very old router then try upgrading to a new one , that would be better because their can be some hardware compatibility issues too(Your mobile’s wifi might be working but their is some hardware compatibility issue***).
3)Uninstall all the wifi driver again and then boot up in safe mode(google how) and reinstall (this must fix it ), you can also use any 3rd party driver installer if you don’t know which driver you have to install.
If this doesn’t help you can just reply and I will see if I could help you any further :wink:

(Returning after long)

I think its the wifi adapter (USB)

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Get this one LINK

Try reinstall device drivers…