Why most of You fail on Being Successful and becoming millionaire

They are many John, don`t be like them.

  1. Focus only on churn and burn methods.
  2. Never take internet marketing seriously, waiting for miracles instead of working as a full-time job and beyond.
  3. Threat it as a business; you want to make money? Be ready to lose, invest.
  4. Never have patience, looking to rank the second month for a magic keyword.
  5. Focusing too much on keywords, but not on topic.
  6. Writing endless useless articles like 50% of the marketers (Top 10 lawn mowers people)
  7. Jumping to the first shinny niche, he finds on the internet.
  8. You are focusing only on the source of traffic.
  9. They are destroying their own businesses with tier 2-3 links as money site links.
  10. Hiring cheap non-native English writers and expect their article/landing to convert.
  11. Always follow the crowd, if everybody does Amazon affiliate, he does as well.
  12. Wants to invest 500 USD and have ROI in 1 year of 50k
  13. They are building fancy sites which nobody sees them, instead of focusing on simplicity.
  14. They are buying random links just because they are links.
  15. Talking with “bro, sir, dear, bruh” and so on.
  16. Checking competitors just buy their RD/DA/PA and other useless metrics.
  17. Listens to Google engineers propaganda on Twitter or what other gurus say.
  18. Thinking if John ranks with 0 RD on that specific site, you will do with 1+RD.
  19. Building WordPress sites with loads of unnecessary plugins.
  20. Fear to dive in big niches, just because they are “saturated.”
  21. They are not making connections/virtual friends, because they expect just to receive, not to give.
  22. Lazy, because Netflix or PlayStation is more fun.
  23. Distraction, because he wants to see what his neighbour visit this weekend.
  24. Talking about big money, big businesses, significant ROI, but with less 1000 USD budget all in one.
  25. Focusing only on one project, instead of 2-3 every year, or focusing on to many, having success with none.
  26. Because John makes “2000 USD much wow in 2 weeks” it does not mean you will do same, different history, different experience, different luck.
  27. Focusing only on traffic, not on conversion.
  28. They are focusing just on one earning source for their site, AdSense for example.
  29. Always spent what they earn instead of investing.
  30. He is spending time growing social accounts to much, instead of focusing on his money method.
  31. They are selling cheap services, wasting loads of time, small ROI.
  32. Refuse to work offline because he is too smart , but have a couple of hundreds of bucks all his money.
  33. Reading daily news, trends, how that thing grows, how that man makes billions, how Bill Gates is an alien, etc.

I am telling you from experience, instead of wasting years like me, just follow stupid simple rules.

Edit: This post is about How to not make mistakes and these points are the mistakes that many people are doing.Its on you to continue doing these mistakes or not.


This is nice

Post is kinda confusing. Are these meant to be followed? Or meant to be avoided? Please be more specific.


What is this post? It is totally confusing. Are these 33 points, one should follow or all these 33 are mistakes and should refrain from doing it? Make it clear and add a conclusion of what are you trying to explain.

Exactly, it makes no sense.

Just rewrite it. You have mixed all your thoughts. Your post is a mess man. Just organize it, I’m waiting to see your hindsight.

Overall if you have an IDEA. your idea is great. FOCUS on your idea. Don’t let a fool confuse you.

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