Why MEGA.nz?

Almost everyone uploads files in MEGA but why MEGA? MEGA is the only cloud sharing provider which restricts the download limit to 5GB. We can download files to our team drives with other sites also.


I can understand but not gonna say anything besides…

Why not Mega.nz? :thinking:

I might be able to point out such helpful things behind the scene, but I would like hear from others.

Folks, keep the topic clean and post your feedback & opinion, Good luck!


I like Mega because of the smooth sync and download tool they provided (megasync). Also, with rotating IP, you can download more than 5 GB.

But overall, I like Google Drive more than Mega.


It’s good to upload in Mega, fast transfer, good storage offers and free even nothing is free but don’t upload personal things. Also I feel nostalgic for MegaUpload days :sweat_smile:


Onedrive has better file sharing features and you can import it to your drive


MEGA provides good amount of storage and the import to mega feature is truly great.

I like mega most because of easily import files from other mega clouds. and files not deleted when the owner delete it.

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Well UI of MEGA is sleek and Snappy. It feels as if I am Using my own file explorer, Unlike google Drive which Hangs Randomly and It takes soo long to Scroll down if a folder contains lots of big files.

Mega returns Search results in seconds and UI is informative for eg it gives the accurate size of folders and files. I encountered a file on Drive which showed 3GB But actually it was 2.3GB.

All The best content and leaks are on mega from Fraud bible to Ramsay’s cooking lessons almost everything can be found easily on Mega and lots of new leaks arrive everday I’ve seen 90% of them are on Mega.

Transfer Speeds never disappoint on Mega. From my perspective, Mega gives consistent and stable Download and Upload speeds with full Utilization of given bandwidth.

My Connection is very unstable and never once Mega has given me one corrupted file. It Maintains file Integrity well.

Mega has nice File Sharing and Transfer controls with full Access Control over what you want to share and what you don’t with full Security like Encryption services.

One downside is Transfer limit and storage. but Mega is generous enough to give Free lite Accounts to the ones in need. and moreover, that’s no big deal you can overcome it easily. there was once a time when I used 32 Mega accounts simultaneously.

That’s all that I think, let’s see what drive lovers have to say, Except “UnLiMiTed StOraGe”.

the main reasons why mega is so much popular because their high speed servers the speed at which a file is uploaded in mega or downloaded from mega is so good