why don't i get any rank in youtube search?

I have tried so many method of seo which is available in udemy and youtube.In the video they show and they got the rank in youtube search but when i try i never got any rank?
Is there any tip or trick to get rank in youtube search…
if you have then please explain

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You make YouTube confused. Your teg is good but need more targeted and specific. Give 10 targeted teg more than 30 mix teg…

Bonus - good title and description is important as like tags… (normally we underestimate the power of Good description)

Note … i have mange and audit a lot YouTube channel as a smart YouTube manager.
So there is no secret and shortcut in YouTube.

A Millon dollar advice … just make a deep research on your nice and work on teg title description. You become successful.

But remember you never do any clickbait like a big channel do … They can and work because they have already thousands or millions of following.

I hop this knowledge is enough to become successful in YouTube. No matter you can take $1000 YouTube master course but … this is tha summary and open secret of YouTube.

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can you give some example of that ?

That’s video in screenshot you title… you mixup cat and dog … Just make more specific cat or dog… in video you make cat dog cow whatever you need but in titel in tag focus on one thing … then it will get chance to get rank … …
You just make a research on it … take a flow up on ranking video… chake their tage titel … you will understand automatically… i hop you get the point.

Just make a direct vision…
After getting 3 or 4 k subscribers… test and do whatever you want… But in starting … you make your Chanel on one thing… that YouTube algorithm able to understand.


I have a method to rank your video in YouTube search.

You need to use Video Marketing Blaster ( PM me for software )

You need to add keyword and software will generate title, description and tags. Just add to your video and wait for 24 to 48 hours.

I ranked “Best web development company in ahmedabad”

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This is a good software no doubt but here am talking about to play for long term… And those software work just like i mention before… Nothing here magic happen…

But why am suggest to do manually with a research because… it will gain a experience that really helps you a lot… Its enough to understand for smart work.

In starting phase just try it and then you able to find your own way…

For thumbnail canva
For teg keywordtool.io
For title tubebuddy or vidiQ
For description own knowledge on that video

That’s it … just try to take :100: benefits from this FREE tools … you good to go…

Now all is dependent on own decision.

Am out

Friendly Websites

ettvdl.com https://crackingpatching.com/ https://prostylex.org/ https://haxnode.com/ freecoursesonline.me ftuapps.dev