Which Programming language is Good Now and for future?

Hi I am new to programming,
I just wat to know that Which language is best in the world now a days.
I have two course one is PYTHON and what is JAVASCRIPT.
So which language should Ii start?
Please tell me, Which is the best language for online Earning?


Both the languages are highly in demand. I think that there is no harm in learning both. JavaScript requires learning curve whereas Python is bit simple to cope with. I know many people who are master in 3-4 languages but work in specific domain.

If you are thinking of getting into Web Development with Python+Django or Flask, you would definitely require to learn JavaScript. And, Learning JavaScript will give you privilege to learn NodeJS. You never know what is going to happen in future. NodeJs gives you power performance and django gives you power of ready-made libraries to combine power of ML into your projects. And, it is also possible with NodeJS. Thus, go ahead and learn both.


I suggest you Dart + Flutter


I suggest starting with C language for good foundation in programming


These both are very tough to learn for android Development, I tried to learn it but very hard.
How I can learn , what is the proper way of learning programming languge with no prior knowledge about programming?

Go with python easy and the best

(PS: I’m java developer)

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Bro,First of all lemme tell you something .Your approach is wrong.

  • Don’t select a language for the sole purpose of earning instead go for something that gives you interest.
  • What is your goal?
    Both languages can be used for multiple purposes. Python is very vast as per usage web development/analytics/data science/scientific usage/robotics etc etc.

Javascript is not just javascript now. This is the only so used to be called scripting language that now can create a fullstack webapp. Just need to have a good grip on js and you can go for MERN,MEVN,MEAN stack.

Doesn’t matter which language you choose, Once you grab grip on basis like oops concepts array etc you will see a very little difference in syntaxes.

  • No language is world’s best, it totally depends upon the maturity of the language /ease of usage. That varies always. Example:
    If have to create some system drivers/OS etc no higher level language can beat Lower level languages.
    For Higher level languages, A lot comes every year so you need to be updated with the skills(Again just difference in syntaxes but same concepts :slight_smile: ). Once there was not a language called Go but now here it is and people are working on that too.

Hope this will help you a bit :slight_smile:. This is my personal opinion and can vary as per individual so dont mind.
A bit inclined towards JS being a MEVN developer :stuck_out_tongue:


Languages are just syntaxes with some specific differences. Learn one and you can switch to any language to work on other domains.
Just learn either python or JavaScript. JavaScript is a bit weird for beginners though but you can catch it.
For being more specific, for AI ML and Data Science Python could be a choice but for full stack web and mobile development and even desktop, JavaScript can run anywhere . So I suggest to go for JavaScript if you aren’t specific to ML or Data Science.


Recently i downloaded profit with javascript 36 GB folder from mega provided here . And also I am watching python tutorials daily, But I don’t know the proper way of learning Programming language. Because I cannot memorze all. And I am Following the videos, then I am looking at screen at typing same commands, I think I am completely wrong. I should start typing my own commands, But Now tell me what should I start for better earning on internet. Profit with javascript course OR Python ? Please clear my mind. Thank you.

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Ah ha! Now I understood, where is the issue. Seems you are beginner. The problem with most beginners is to win race of employment as quick as possible.

As many of other people said, your approach is wrong.

JavaScript is a Client-side Scripting language whereas Python is a Server side scripting language. Their application is different. And, you are at very early stage. And, I dont know what are those course that you are pointing at. I don’t know what curriculum those courses are covering.

As of now, don’t think of doing projects and don’t think of employment and job prospectus. You need to think of understanding the subject first. Just think as if you are learning how to drive a car. Learn from sessions, practice, get licensed and start driving. It takes time.

How to learn?

  • Rather than learning JavaScript and Project - First learn HTML and then little CSS. Finally, learn JavaScript. If you already know HTML/CSS - Dive into JavaScript. Dont do complex JavaScript Course. Try learning from simple javascript course and get acquainted with JavaScript and its application. Dont worry, if you are not understand anything. Spend some more time, repeat the lessons or find videos on similar topic on youtube. It will speed up your learning.

  • Regarding Python - It is a good language. Try learning it from basics. Repeat lessons and practice problems. More you practice, more you will learn. Try completing one course and do another course for deep understanding of subject.

Dont get disappointed and dont try to learn things fast. With this mindset, you wont be able to succeed.

Wish you best of luck in your learning.


I think it is javascript. You can use for do web (frontend and backend), app, desktop app :grinning:

javascript/typescript will be the future when everything is trying to shift to the cloud or you can go for python as well in the begining to get you motivated in programming

IMO any programming language is good but few insights I can give.

  1. Python is popular and easy to learn but for enterprise level projects, Java is preferred for backed development.
  2. For front end JavaScript is preferred.

For job prospect as well. Java and JavaScript developers have an advantage as well as salary compensation.


okay thanks I will start Javascript learning. But I don’t have knowledge of HTML and CSS

I think it easy if you learn basic HTML, CSS for the website. If you like UI/UX and animation wonderful for product … I think you need deep learning it

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DART is best

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no matter which language you will start remember try to complete it and do atleast 7 project by yourself .

then try to switch another language…

and from your study recommendation: i wont suggest you to go for javascript without learning HTML and CSS little more Php will great(not recommended). then try javascript and python django , node.js/angular js (if intersted in webapp with Machine Learning) …

if you want to be a android developer start from Java basic +jdk + advance(Android framework)
#Extra note " if you are already in IIT/NIT/BITS-pilani. try to go with python +Sql+ hadoop+ ML+Data-science(Anaconda uses) . "

if you are from some Non-reputable college start from JAVA-JDk + android+GIT then shift towards others language if intersted .
note atleast 10 project should be mandatory(for normal college).

some extra tip: start using Linux try to be familiarity atleast.


I want to be Android developer. So from where i should start please guide me.

start from java -basic from anywhere like youtube or udemy/torrents :wink:

then shift towards advance java + android framework