Which one is best for future career?

I have decided to do the degree which following will be most popular in the next couple of years?
Animation and Visual Effects
Graphic Design
Creative Multimedia

Web & App Development (UI /UX)

Creative Advertising


It’s hard to choose the right one, but you need to keep in mind what you prefer/like, what you are really passionate about regarding the popularity because if you love something and passionate about it even if it’s not that popular in market scales, you could do wonders, you could flourish with, but if you have chosen something that was popular on market and after a decade it’s no longer popular and you are not even passionate about it you will live in a circle of regret, I’m here telling you my story, I’ve chosen a field that I’ve seen it was working well in the market and popular that time and I’m not passionate about , so I screw it, because that field Now is getting old in the market and only the seniors with +5 years experience at least are on demand, So I’m now reverting to what I really love.

So think twice, thrice even more, relax, take your time, don’t listen to what people find great or turn into regarding the popularity , Just DO WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE AND PASSIONATE ABOUT



I’m really appropriate for your comment, I have read your comment and I understood. There is a true fact what are you trying to say. I have passion for these two areas Graphic Design & Web & App Development (UI /UX),


I’m glad you have liked his feedback :slight_smile:

Kindly, do read these once, just to get motivated and considering such direction to let that dream come true. Good luck :+1:


Hi, Sam currently I’m working as a freelance graphic designer, In the near future, I’m planning to immigrate to Canada, I have a 4-month Pearson diploma in multimedia. that isn’t enough for immigrating. We need more skills and professional qualifications to survive.