Whats the best way to search fast in teamdrives?

Whats the best way to search fast in teamdrives? like if we want to search a 4k movie, then movies from all teamdrives will show up instantly.

I know of air explorer but it allows searching only on single teamdrive and it is also not very accurate and very less searching options.

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Your answer is in your question. The best application to use IMO is Air Explorer, Air Live Drive or Air Cluster.


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i use default gdrive search and it works fine for me


I think Google drive default search is pretty good to find stuff that exist in drive or teamdrive…!
You can find stuff with similar title and you can also sort by file type… of only folder.


I have tons of teamdrives added but air explorer only returning me these 2 files.

Is it pro or free version?

free version

Thats the reason why you can’t search ur entire drives. Get the pro version.

can you share me any cracked version?

Check on torrent or use this: Air Explorer Pro 2.9 | Password: edutechtainment.com


Can u give me your teamdrive link so that we can also join in your drive @Waga

They are mostly other TD. Mine is not that filled up. Just building it. You can join if you wish.

EduTechTainMent Bot Google Group | TD Link


I have downloaded it and installled it and patched it also but after opening it gives me error

Can u resolve it

Searching for files/folders in cloud storage can be done easily if you index your drive,

use Raidrive


use the tool gdrive-index to index your teamdrive and then use the search option to easily locate you search item

You have to be offline while installing and running the patch. It is safer that way.

Hello,even I am unable to open the program after running the patch,the program shows me the following error
can anyone please help me out?

You and @Keke_Bija need to totally uninstall whatever versions you have installed previously. It’s easy to get installed and patched, i don’t know why you are getting this error. Try again after uninstalling and restarting the system.

Are you running windows 7 or windows 10?As,this error seems to arises only in windows 7 @Waga

@Keke_Bija @gbisheraz @Abdullah_Saeed
I downloaded air explorer pro from here…patched it… and it works fine so far
It is also noob friendly as it comes with instructions …but you’d have to disable antivirus to use the patch
It is SAFE tho getintopc have a great reputation

thanks for the help but sadly it shows the same error I have tried to unintsall and reinstall the program but it doesn’t work, this program seems to be broken on win 7 because as I soon as I patch it and try to run it the error comes up but it works fine when it’s not patched