What you should do if you are using primary email for joining websites

I am sure a lot of you guys are using your primary gmail to join websites that provide certification. There is a chance that they will use your email for marketing and sorts.

While using primary gmail to sign up. Instead of just entering email, put +sitename with your email.

For eg . If you are signing up at example.com then enter your email as [email protected] and you will receive mail at your original gmail.

This will let you know who sold your email to the third party.

Enjoy learning.


Will I able to get the confirmation email to my gmail address if I follow this way?

yes make sure to add that “+” sign and you can add anything after that + sign eg site name, random words anything

nice but https://haveibeenpwned.com or https://monitor.firefox.com/scan will not be able to help you

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