What is RDP? |Why hackers love it ? | How to get RDP for free | How to earn money using RDP

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first, I will tell you about RDP theoretically what is RDP then I will tell you how you can get it… . Theoretical knowledge is a must so that you can use it easily on your system without any problem.

What is RDP?

The full form of RDP is Remote desktop protocol . This is exclusively built by Microsoft and till now no other company has build thing like this.
Microsoft has built this RDP to connect two systems over a network ( through the Internet).

to understand the scenario better let us consider that you have a friend who is sitting in America and you want to access or use his/her computer while sitting in your home then you can do this via RDP. Rdp provides lots of features as the full form itself is Remote desktop protocol and it is used for remote desktop connection( to join two computers remotely). RDP work at a fixed port. It provides lots of features and you can share printer, file, and internet too and much more. That means if you are connected to another computer via RDP then you can use that computer printer, internet, and files…if any song is played on that computer you can listen to that song in your system…so its very interesting and good work of technology. RDP is nowadays used by hackers to preform many tasks…the sole purpose of making RDP by Microsoft is to solve the problems of one system via connecting it to another system. you must have seen it like if your laptop encountered some problem then you talk to customer service then to solve your problems they use RDP to gain access over your system and solve the problems over sitting there place. you must have heard Teamviewer.it also work on same principle and provide almost all the features that RDP provides although its not rdp ( RDP experience is smooth and you will feel that you are using your own system but actually its another system connected via RDP). There is a default software made by Microsoft to connect on RDP it is called Remote desktop connection. you will get this feature on almost all windows version laptops (some home version don’t allow RDP receiving connection) but it is in the enterprice version.
you can simply connect to another computer via rdp…you just need an IP address, username, and password of that computer system.RDP works both on LAN and WAN.

Server And Client
your computer is called client and the computer in you are connecting is called server. once you have make a connection over RDP then you will not feel like that you are using others computer…you will fell that you are using your own but actually former is the case.
suppose you have a computer that has low specs and you want high-end specs then RDP will be very useful here.you can use RDP to connect to a high-end server and use their processing speed to do your work.
let’s think that you have your friend sitting in the UK and have an i7 processor , very fast internet speed and you want to use it then you can use it via RDP.

How hackers use it ?

Hackers use RDP to increase their speed because we don’t get fast internet.

yes we get unlimited internet data with speed upto 2gb per second and thats amazing…imagine what a person can do if he/she had internet speed of 2gbps

In addition to increased speed… you can customize your specs too …ex. you can change is hard drive,ssd,graphics card and most important RAM( i made my server of 624gb RAM…lol)

Is RDP secured?
Many people think in RDP we are connecting to another network and it may not be good for our privacy. but let me tell you that RDP is fully secured, Microsoft has made Remote desktop protocol with 128-bit encryption and it uses the RC4 algorithm which is very strong so you can use RDP without any worry

in the next Post we will know how to get RDP free of cost and how to earn using RDP

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Thanks for artical I very curious to know how to make money through RDP.
I need good server to run my machine learning task if you suggest any free server it will helpful.currently I am using Google Cloud server and in some its free trail will expire.