What is Cyber Hygiene and why is it important? ๐Ÿค”

C ybersecurity is emerging as a top concern for individuals and organizations across the world. To address this, Microsoft recently urged companies to conduct cybersecurity awareness training programs. It also launched a cybersecurity awareness kit that offered simulation-based user training against cyberattacks. It is therefore imperative in these times that a user follows Cyber Hygiene. Cyber Hygiene refers to the steps taken by a computer user to secure his/her device and keep it running at optimum levels.

cyber hygiene

Just like you keep yourself healthy by following certain hygiene routines, it is necessary that the computer networks you use are clean and tidy. A healthy network reduces the chance of hacking and provides you with a smooth experience. The post looks at what is Cyber Hygiene and recommends some practices that should keep your computer healthy.

Table Of Content

  1. What is Cyber Hygiene

  2. How to maintain good Cyber Hygiene

  3. The 11 rules of Cyber Hygiene are as follows:

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