What Is A Virtual Machine/Sandbox And Why You Should Use Them!

Here is a short explanation about Virtual Machines (VM) and Sandboxes. These are tools that can help you defend against Malware and RATs, but they can also be extremely useful while Cracking!

At first, let’s give the definition of the virtual machine:

“A virtual machine uses a combination of software and your existing computer to emulate additional computers, all within one physical device.”

Simply it’s a “virtual” computer inside your “real” computer.

You can choose the Operating System of the Virtual machine by installing its .iso image and you can choose the specs while creating it! (specs and power will be lower than your main PC)

this can be useful for cracking because you can choose the operating system you need to crack with and it’s AMAZING protection against Malware because the infected files will corrupt only the VIRTUAL System and not the main one!

Similar to a VM, a sandbox create a protected virtual environment, but this happens without creating a separate Operating System (OS)

The Sandbox makes a private environment for every program you run inside it. The sandbox is less safe than a Virtual Machine but it’s easier to use and don’t consume many resources.

Happy Learning! :blush:

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