What do I need to create my own website?

I am starting to do video editing gig and I want to create my own website to market my work. I don’t know anything about website creation but I can see a lot of template from Envato Elements. I’ve been reading on our forum and I keep on seeing that I need to by domain name and that I need to subscribe to a web hosting service. However, I am also seeing articles here about a free domain name and free web hosting. What are the things that I need to have my own website and can I create a fully functional and decent website for free because of these free services.

Your help and explanation are much appreciated. Thanks!


This is a huge topic. I’ve been in industry only for one year now. But what i can tell you is.
“How much you pay is how much music you will get”.
To tell you the truth if you need landing page “One page, with some text and pictures”. You can do it yourself. If you need more like user login, storing images, texts … You will need someone who knows a bit.
If you need the first here is what you need.
You need -hosting- and -domain-.
Hosting is used to store your website files, and domain is what your website will be called like samlopez.com.
You can get it cheap.(45-75$/year)
*Shared Hosting from 30$/year(that i would recommend you, since you don’t know programming) or get someone that knows a bit of server programming and set up on DigitalOcean or Amazon AWS (cheapest is 60$/y, but you get all the flexibility that you need).
You can get any free or paid website template(and don’t use complex website templates).
*Domain you can buy maybe from domain, name, godaddy doesn’t matter much(i pay 10$/year).

There is more after that security,optimisation, SEO, marketing… I mean it’s not as easy as it sounds, so i would advise you to pay someone who knows and will make it in about 1 - 3 months.

In my country(east Europe), I charge $200 - $600 for a website now, maybe and Indian guy will make it for $50-150, more you look west, price jumps.
I wouldn’t recommend Indians since they usually bring quantity not quality, but that’s my opinion.
Hope i didn’t scare you.


@Tomas_Lesters By quantity and not quality, I couldn’t get much right there! If you could explain that would be much appreciated! Since I’m thinking to get into this, a help would be much better!


Buy the domain from godaddy for 2 years (cheapest in the market), and shared hosting (google it)) and send the details, I’ll fix the rest…respect :pray: :pray:


I wouldn’t recommend Indians since they usually bring quantity not quality… :thinking:… I’m sorry…not agreed with you… :pray: :pray:

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pay your domain or hosting and they give you the premium DIVI theme the time you spend with them

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check this out

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Hey Pawan. I think he meant that if you want basic website with all functionalities up and running, we Indians can get that. However, creative content based website with better conversion rates are the places where the price increase happens.

I’m also learning web development and there are associations that are economically prices and get the basic right. If you want something as creative as dribbble shown work then the prices in India will also vary.


Much appreciated! :heart_eyes:

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By the looks of it you just need a static portfolio website to show case your work, if you dont have some money to spend on it , i would recommend learning Wordpress and using tons of free portfolio themes to make your site with just drag and drop however, if you have some money to spend and need your portfolio to stand out i recommend finding an actual developer who is going to code out your custom site using HTML CSS and JavaScript . As for free hosting and domain there is always a catch and security risk.


Thanks a lot for all the info. I’ll keep all of it in mind as I move forward finding the right service for me.

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bro its a big discussion though
i have created movie streaming to torrent sites.from my recommendation
if you just want a page where you can share only link or embedded video of your creation then its easy just use blogger by google in initial stage its free and just learn how website works how you can share your creation .
if you want little bit advantage then use some free web builder like WIX
if you want proper tutorial then i suggest learn wordpress (recommended) more then enough for ur website.
*if you r not in money constraint i highly suggest you to atleast take a web developer help cz there is lots of stuff you need to consider from SEO TO adsence to keyword each of step are mandatory.

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