What card detail to put on free month on Udacity?

Udacity is offering a free month of training right now.
I used a VPN to sign up new account and enroll but it is asking for card detail or paypal detail.

What should I do now?

go to https://namso-gen.com/ and put 655737 in the BIN and click generate… You can use any of them. if one doesn’t work., just try with another…

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Bro what happens after free month can they charge card we generated ? What bin basically do? Pls I don’t want any guide I want to know your personal experience

in short: Nothing happens after free month. They can’t charge the card. And for your information “guides” are written by people when they have “personal experience”. When you want to truly learn something > reading and digging from different sources is the only way to gain knowledge.
Since that is not your case you just need to know “NO THEY CAN’T CHARGE THAT SPECIFIC CARD”.
If otherwise, here is a guide :

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are you sure that offer is going on i think it is end now

Actually I am scared never used bin wanted to know someone’s opinion thank you for your reply

@divyanshu_sharma … i know what are you doing bro…! you and bunch of people keep asking
“im scared ! i’m scared”
“i never used BIN before”
“is it legal…”
do you want encouragement from us ? is this why you keep asking these

let me tell you something !

if you still want to aboard on this pirate ship!, welcome!
hope now you are not “scared” ! :rofl:

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even though the entered card number is correct and in function., the possibility of the expiry date and CVV number matching is as low as 1%. So the card could more possibly get declined only.

Why would they take legal action for that :roll_eyes: :grimacing: :grimacing:

yes sir , sorry i forgot, payment portals are only meant to be for fake CC !
they only exists so we can give them fake CC and enjoy their service !
some website …clearly mentioned
"Hey users, please goto Namso-gen genrate some fake cards and feed us
it’s okay to use FAKE CARDS we just love to keep them in our database you are doing legal things don’t worry ! "

thank you very much for the stats sir !

The card that I use.

Thanks now I just took all your screnshot regarding bin and replies of you
I hope I get chance to use all that against you !
Now because you know me you can also predict
That I am going to use bin blindly even in sites where it’s not necessary specially your shared bin
And if you think asking about something means collecting proofs or getting encouragement than there’s no space for you in this world. I used to appreciate your work that’s why I asked you first about these things but it’s ok you don’t deserve respect. Btw guide regarding noobs you all share doesn’t have much information about bin that why I asked .
Thank you Soo much :heart::heart::heart:
Looking for your next bin …

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when you asked me first…i explained you,
but then i see you asking same question again not to me, but on post… “Scared and stuff”
that’s why said “now you want encouragement from us?,then you will decide to use”
and clearly mention Disclaimer in BOLD

that disclaimer works as a filter, filter out “COWARDS” that’s all ! :rofl:
but still sorry if that hurts your feeling in any ways :smile:

you simply Ignored my message!!!
You are not bound to reply I understand.
But when I am seeking help from other why do you care? You could say that thing when I messaged you. Instead of helping and clearing things you are making jokes about it??

sorry i got confused you with someone else… someone messaged me same thing

and i’m nott joking …the reply i gave u is the most serious reply i ever given in my entire life … if that looks jokes to you i can add Emoticons to make it look serious !

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Thanks bro, it worked.
P.S: I used yandex VCC before and it didn’t worked but this worked. Any idea why?