What are the benefits of Student Account (.edu mail)?

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Lately I’ve been trying to utilize my college .edu mail so that I can get the maximum benefit from various services. From getting credits in Azure to using AWS account and Free Github Services, can someone tell me what other services can I get as a student that most of the people (or me) do not know ?

I think it would be really helpful for people like us, so that we can get benefit from these services.

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refer this post

Thank you. I search but didn’t found that post. Thank you !

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i wanna know, all edu accounts have unlimited gdrive?
how to check if that particular edu have unlimited gdrive?

All edu mail doesn’t have gdrive… most of them have 1TB or 5TB office 365 … gdrive offered by some institutions … most of them are collaborate with microsoft education … right now most to the edu mail is blocking because of unethical abusive using …Only all options will be opened when you will admit and pay their courses …