What are possible ways to spend or invest BAT token from brave browser?

Over the period of one year or so I have gained BAT coins worth a couple of thousand Rupees through Brave browser Rewards. Since I didn’t know what to with those I withdrew them to uphold cards (Bitcoin and Ethereum). I don’t know what doing that exactly means though since I still don’t quite understand cryptocurrency, to begin with. Also I can’t withdraw them Indian banks (at least not directly).

So I was wondering what are some ways other brave users use or invest their bat coins.

i mean you can just exchange it for bitcoin which is the best thing you can do because the value of bitcoin increases more than other cryptos. but before doing anything i suggest you learn about crypto asap because its very important also be careful of scams who say they will double your crypto.

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oh ok. I will learn about crypto more.
But for now, can tell me if sending BAT coins to Uphold Bitcoin card is the same as exchanging them for Bitcoins because that’s what I have been doing. :sweat_smile: I know most people would keep crypto in their digital wallets but is this the equivalent of owning bitcoins on an online wallet.
If you have any idea about this please let me know.

Screenshot 2021-04-02 150701 !

yea it is. thats your bitcoin and if you wanted you can transfer it to other wallets as well

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I have almost $10. But I can’t withdraw. Uphold temporarily blocked my country for new registration. If anyone can help me with that, it will be great. I am ready to share the amount.
Thank You!


Keep investing into BTC or other Cryptos. I do the same. You can even transfer to WazirX from which you can withdraw into bank accounts. I think trading through WazirX is better and with transparent trading fees of 0.2%

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