Webtoon | FreePass Bypass/Solution | Working Method!

Reading manga myself and the free-pass can be annoying so i got this idea and decided to test it before i post it and it worked

The Website is: www.webtoons.com
This doesn’t bypass the Fastpass which requires the coins. (cr o cked accounts would solve that issue and free pass too)
This is for the free pass which requires you to wait for 24h on some mangas

The Fastpass is just limited to the account so you can just create new accounts (creating an account takes less than a minute)
temp emails work: https://temp-mail.org/de/ (i used that email and btw you need to confirm the email)

you can mostly just use the free pass on the app so either uses bluestack or use the app and switch accounts.

you can release them for other people and most likely even earn money from it but its some work if you do it manually.

Happy learning!