Website setup

So, basically i need to know how to setup a website.
things i have: A domain: thats it

you need to buy a hosting too and upload your website in cpanel add domain that’s it

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for webhosting i will use 000webhost

Please, mate, no offended responses, we don’t do it here, If you can help someone help them out, Google exist, they know, probably some of the peoples never search something that easy to solve, but sometimes peoples did not find anything that they willing to have or anything that points out resolution straight to the point.

There is no harm if they ask here, Actually, they believe in OneHack & it’s members that they will solve or at least direct them to a place where they can easily get started from.

So this is my humble request, If you can help them to resolve the problem, then mention the solution, what bothers and where they should search, no need to point out.

Be kind and be helpful, be friendly, and help each other being nice! :+1:


Sure, I can do that.

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for simple website you can using or github pages

Well you seem to be on track. You already have a domain name and you have an idea what Web hosting you want to use. You need to figure out what your long term plans/expectations for the website are.

If you want to be serious about Web development and hope to maybe make a kill someday with your website, I would advice you go with some financial investment in hosting and even domain. Some coy gv all these free too.

Let me mention however, that if you just want to try your hands on Web development and learn the ropes, then it’s better you go with the free plans. You should however note that you don’t need to go live before you learn these skills. You can always practice Web development by using a local server. Examples of easy to setup servers are xampp, wamp, and all in one setups like binami, acquia dev desktop (good for setting up Drupal on a local server) and laragon. I would advice you go for laragon. You can learn several languages and Web dev with it. It also has a relatively less steeper learning curve.

You should note that whenever you do decide to go live with your site (you are testing/running on the local servers above) it’s as easy as taking a pie. You website will appear exactly as it is on the local server. I would advice you also learn this skill of deploying a website from a local host to a live host. It’s gonna ba a plus for you.

Now let me briefly summarizes hi ow to set up your website. Simply put, you buy a house online (hosting plan). For starters, I would advice you go with a shared hosting plan (similar to renting an apartment building with a friend). This reduces the overall expenditure. When you get this host, you then deploy your site and make the address public (using the domain name, appropriate name servers and all other necessary items). Better to go for a Cpanel type of hosting which offers you a GUI as opposed to a CLI interface. Don’t bother about the various technicalities. You don’t need them much for now.

This process of deploying a website is quite easy too. Nothing much to it. Most cpanels have an easy setup one-time installation guide and apps for WordPress and even Drupal or any website you wanna setup. If you are deploying from your locally developed website, you would need to make use of a FTP (Filezilla is free and suffices for all your needs).


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