Website Cryptomining - Monetize movie/download blogs by Mining from your visitors

This is a really cool website which has scripts to let your website mine coins from visitors -

It mines straight to your wallet so its no scam. It has no of mineable coins and the algos it supports are - Cryptonight | CN-Lite | CN-Fast | CN-Fast2 | CN-Pico | CN-RWZ | CN-UPX2 | CN-Half | CN-Heavy | CN-Saber | Argon2id - Chukwa | Argon2id - ChukwaV2

You simply have to generate the scripting defining the pool and your wallet address and visitor cpu usage

I used this on a download blog a few years ago to mine Ultranote and it works greater and used to mine about 1000 coins per day. If you have trouble monetizing download blogs consider this.

You can always hold on to the the coins untill there prices increase! look at bitcoin lol it was 9k a few months ago and now 40k!

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