WebEx Meeting Intruders

So I was in a WebEx meeting and an intruder entered into our online class and started pulling pranks on the teacher. So, the teacher asked me to find a way to either stop them or to find out who hi/her was. Now, I need to prove myself as responsile.
I need the help of this forum. There must be some way to find out who the intruder is even a name whould help and an email id would be the hotshot.
Please help me.

Dude webex will maintain logs on its server for all his session if you able to fetch log who attend the session you may get the person email and its account if you report him in cisco webex support with that screen shot it will blocked.

Another way to avoid him is share the pass code to the people who attend session.

You can get reports :https://help.webex.com/en-us/b7bpy0/Generate-Reports-for-Cisco-Webex-Events check this link

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Thanks man

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