WD My Passport External Drive (2TB) shows 0B partition

Hello everybody, I am seeking for assistance please anybody who can help me fix my external Passport? I tried buying a new USB 3.0 it did not work. Any better suggestions? I tried a lot of things which never helped.

you can check the cable(replace a new cable or check connector pin of this cable you using)

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can you explain the issue clearly if it’s not showing the actual size of the hard disk try to follow the instruction and let me know it whether is solved or not?

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You haven’t allocated the drive.

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First do some necessary checks of hard disk - (Following are the steps)

  1. Connect the Hard Disk to PC.
  2. Open the run Dialog Box by pressing Windows + R key.
  3. Type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter.
  4. Disk Management Window will appear, check whether your Hard Disk is visible in that Window or not. If Visible, Check its size and partition color. Also check whether any drive letter (D: E: etc) is provided to your Hard Disk Partition or not.
  5. If your hard disk with actual size is not visible than there may be some hardware issue in your hard disk.
  6. If The Drive is visible and its Color is Black instead of Blue it means the partition is unallocated, you have to allocate it first before use :
    Right click on the Black Partition and choose “New Simple Volume” and follow the instructions.
  7. If the drive color is Blue but Drive letter is missing than you have to add it :
    Right Click of the partition and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths” and add a drive letter to the partition.

Note : Sometime some partitions are not visible in PCs. So in that case you have to format the drive with NTFS or exFAT

In most of the cases the drive will recover with above process. If not, than try formatting your drivve using Command Prompt

  1. Open Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. type diskpart and press Enter.
  3. In the Diskpart window, type list disk and press Enter. It will list all the available drives.
  4. Now type select disk (disk number). (Specify the drive number which needs to be formatted)
  5. Type clean . This command will permanent delete all files and folders, and successfully clean up the disk.
  6. To make the drive again accessible, type’create partition primary.
  7. Now format the drive with FAT or NTFS file system. Type format fs=ntfs and press Enter.
  8. Now assign the Drive letter to Formatted Drive - type assign and press enter.

If all of the above process didn’t work, than the last process is try recovering the partition table using testdisk command using Linux Operating System. You can find various tutorials over internet regarding this.

If none of the above works than there may be possibility of Corrupting your Hard Disk.


Thanks for your suggestion, I will try that.

yes your steps are great explanation with clear idea i would like to add few more information formatting them may harm partition tables if they want to recover content. we can try to repair them.so we can first give a try with chkdsk if fails to fix partition table with chkdsk or any other software then we can do format . so that we can avoid partition table loss.

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Mayur_Sinalkar the disk fails to create new partition it says Insufficient disk storage when i try making new partition. It also indicates no media on disk management, also displays on the tray and not on my computer.

What is the exact model of the external drive?

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I hate to be the one to break this news to you.

Most likely your hdd is dead. Can’t be restored. I have a 500gb Samsung external hdd wasting away.

P. S.
If you are able to get it to work again, I will like to know how you went about it. Goodluck.


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I Don’t know the model but it looks like that. I have been using this for so many years but now it can’t show anything.

Hi waga i will tell my experience

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usually all external can have mechanical failure but its issue is different its able to detect it but from external to system driver is not detecting this is due to the wrong handle of safely remove or windows may fail to detect driver or driver damage.

might be USB device card in HDD may have some issue with transferring data.

The third is the hard disk itself fail to send his state and information

in many cases, we can recover data
Fixing windows driver.

after that feel the HDD rotation in the hard disk if it’s revolving in avg speed(Instinct) means
connect with different HDD enclosures or check-in the bios its ability to show the storage space.

if showing there means its probable partition table corruption we can fix it by recovering the partition table

if there is no activity in HDD then if we need data contact recovery expert where they will have donor spares and able to recover it.

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