Way to Learn Stock Market

Hello guys Can any body help me
Best way to Learn Stock Market for begineers
I need advice

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The main thing you should learn is how to structure what you see on the charts, how to read the price action you see. This is a good way to start:

Trading Tools and Tactics – Reading the Mind of the Market Greg Capra.


Thank you :blush:

Youtube, everything you need can be found on youtube for free and then forums, talk to people ask questions and just keep reading

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I don’t think so, can you learn any profession in a serious way for free in Youtube? Maybe you can learn how to gamble (that’s what’s going on right know thanks to the central banks) but how to trade/invest, no sir. I guess you can’t learn how to code on Tick Tock either.


The stock market cant be learned in a day. You have to actively read the business news, understand the working culture of market and how they respond with each business deals.

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Hello bro I want done South Korea no. Plz help
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